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Crossroads Veterinary Services, Inc. 
 Call us at: 307-436-8313
We are proud to present Crossroads' team of top-notch employees!
Kenzie G. Mares,
Doc of all Species, Master of None

​I get up every morning and go to practice (veterinary medicine).  If I get good enough maybe coach will put me on varsity. I’m a physician for dogs, an obstetrician for cows and sheep, and a wrangler of mad cats if necessary. Ironically, I’m married to a big game outfitter, Erick (the Mountain Man). He makes his money harvesting animals while I’m trying to save them. We’ve been married almost 14 years and we have 2 lovely daughters whom we refer to as the “Wild Women”, they get it from their dad. When I’m not at practice, I’m following the daily activities of the Mountain Man and Wild Women. I also love to bring Pinterest to life; baking, decorating and planning killer parties. 
Demi R. Kuster,
Handy Woman Deluxe

I'm a native of Colorado, but I definitely have a Wyoming heart.  There's no job too big or small, I dive right in.  Doc says I'm handier than a shirt pocket.  I'm hell bent on getting into vet school and Doc thinks I'll make a great one.  I love everything about veterinary medicine.  I'm always happy to help a customer or hold a patient.  I'm friendly and funny.  When I'm not running back and forth to Colorado State University getting educated, I'm helping my husband Sam build our off-grid house where we live with our 2 dogs and 2 cats.
Tammy Harvey,
Director of Hospitality

I am the wheel house of this operation, I keep the phones answered and the coffee hot! I greet clients and customers with my million dollar smile and I make sure Doc McStuffins and Super Tech have plenty of patients to treat and they get paid for their work. I’m a cultivator of team spirit and I rock at keeping a positive attitude. Oh, and I LOVE holidays, so I keep our little clinic dressed up for every holiday and season. My husband and 3 kiddos keep me hopping evenings and weekends. If you ever want to surprise me with Starbucks, please don’t hesitate.
Mara L. Moore, 
Veterinarian Trainer, Assistant & Life Coach

I’m in general, well you know, a bad ass, self-proclaimed of course. I was molded by my Dad and my Uncle Andy, “I’m not a girl with excuses, I’m a woman that gets the job done”. I’m the queen of sharpies, totes and organization. They call me Super Tech, I coach the Doc through practice 4 days a week. My experience on the ranch and being the older sister of 3 brothers and multiple cousins has given me all the skills I need to keep our clinic and crew in tip top working shape! I have 4 lovely nieces who call me Aunt Rara and I treasure our fun times together. On Mondays I come back to work to recover from my wild weekends at the ranch and adventures with friends.
Crossroads Veterinary Services, Inc. ® P.O. Box 2109, Glenrock, WY 82637     (307) 436-8313
Greeter, Mouse Connoisseur 

​I came to this clinic in a round about way.  Some kind young men found me tangled up in a barbed wire fence and rescued me.  The girls here took me in, tamed me down, and I wormed my way into their hearts.  They tried to re-home me for weeks until they finally gave in and realized I was theirs.  For their loyalty, I repay them with the catch of the day, my record being 6.  If I am not in a mouse coma, I love to give people a head boop and snuggle while they are trying to do their paperwork.  

Mary K. Zinda-Grant
SOS a.k.a. Pinch Hitter

I'm a Montana girl, ranch wife, horse lover and momma of 2.  You might also catch me at the local post office loading up for my substitute mail route.  Being a 12 year veteran of the Air Force, I'm tough enough to take on almost any job these girs throw my way.  I metamorphosize from Vet Tech to Office Help quicker than Clark Kent changes to Superman.  
Anna Carpenter, 
The Crossroads Kid

I've been gracing the halls of Crossroads with my pretty smile longer than everyone, except the Doc.  I started following her around when I was just 9 years old.  And now, when I'm not at UW filling up on knowledge, or riding in the Pony Express, I still come help keep things in order.  My positive attitude is contagious and there isn't anything around here I won't jump in to help with.
Julie Wickett,
Shop Keep, Head Director of Patient Comfort

I'm a familiar face if you've lived in Glenrock for very long.  I worked as an officer at the Glenrock Police Department for over 15 years.  Now, I show up at the clinic every afternoon to clean up after Doc's daily shenanigans.  I love the animals and I make sure all the patients are comfortable and well attended to.  At home, I have a husband, two grown daughters and whole passel of four legged furry friends.   
Rachel DeMaere, 
The Quiet Canadian 

​Born and raised across the northern border, I'm sweet and lovely.  I take a special interest in each patient and client.  I have a way of making people and pets feel at ease.  I'm also a wizard at computer problems and innovation (thank goodness, because the veterans around here need a little help).  When I'm not helping out at Crossroads, my fiance, Austin and I share our home with 3 of the cutest dogs around.